Create Your Very Own Custom Cookie Program!

Step into a realm of refined luxury tailored for your brand, product, or service! Treat your VIPs—customers, employees, and business partners—to the exquisite delight of Gennaro's Award-Winning Alfajores, each bearing the mark of your brand. Picture your corporate events bathed in an unparalleled glow of sophistication, dripping with decadence. Envision elevating your gatherings with the unique charm of Gennaro's Alfajores—customized with your logo and housed in exclusive packaging that exudes prestige. Show your gratitude to those who matter most with these delectable treats, each one meticulously crafted in the unmistakable style of Gennaro's.

Now, let's talk substance. It's not just about treats; it's about crafting an experience that adds substantial value to your brand. Harness our award-winning expertise and cutting-edge custom embossing techniques to offer your brand an unmatched opportunity. This isn't a one-time transaction; it's a bold proclamation of distinction and sophistication—an investment in your brand's future at every corporate function or event.

Delving into the details, we want to be transparent about the commitment involved in creating your masterpiece. Minimum order quantities, setup charges, and production timelines are considerations. We kick off with an extensive design exercise to nail down your perfect cookie, followed by crafting a prototype stamp for testing and producing a dozen samples for your taste testing pleasure. Once everything is confirmed and signed off, we shift into production mode for your cookies. Opting for custom printed packaging? Factor in 4-6 weeks of meticulous planning and design, followed by another 4-6 weeks for the printing and production process. It's a worthwhile investment for that personalized touch in design and packaging.

Now, for the sweet nuances, kickstart with a minimum of 144 cookies, utilizing our single-use stamp embossing process—ideal for smaller quantities up to a few hundred cookies. If you're eyeing larger quantities of 1000 or more, we unleash our signature embossed rolling pins, creating a bespoke, on-demand, custom-branded cookie program along with your exclusive packaging. The good news? Once we have your custom stamps or rolling pins on hand, we can swiftly turn repeat orders around within days, provided your custom packaging is readily available.

Ready to embark on this exceptional journey? Connect with us through our contact form before you place your order. Share the date and specific requirements for your special event, and watch as our team of corporate specialists meticulously confirms all details, kicking off the planning process. Brace yourself for an exploration of unparalleled sweetness and sophistication with Gennaro's Custom Embossed Alfajores. We're bubbling with excitement—and we're certain you are too!