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About Our Products

The Alfajor (pronounced "Al-fa-hor") can be traced back hundreds of years to various parts of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, France, and today where it dominates South American culture and cuisine. It is a delicate caramel filled sandwich cookie. It is just recently starting to make its appearance in North America and is topping the charts in trendy restaurants and upscale venues where the distinguished clientele appreciate finely crafted artisan desserts. In South America, the Alfajor, plural Alfajores ("Al-fa-hor-es"), can be compared to the popularity of the French Macaron worldwide - quite literally it is the French Macaron of South America. Some estimates claim that over 6.5 million Alfajores are consumed in South America each day. But what is it exactly?

Originally the Alfajor takes it's name from the Arabic word al-has-ú (“Al-hass-yoo”), which means filled or stuffed, usually with a rich paste of dried fruits, nuts, honey and spices, in some form of dough, flat bread or wafer. The name also derived from the Arabic word al- fakher ("Al-fa-ker"), meaning prestigious or luxurious, which is the basis for the modern spelling and positioning of the esteemed cookie. The size, shape and taste will vary from region to region and according to tradition. In the town of Cuenca Spain, the Alfajor is a celebrated and protected confection following a recipe by Mariano Pardo de Figueroa in 1786. In South America alfajores are found most notably in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil. Alfajores have been popular in Argentina and Uruguay since the mid-19th century. However, these differ from the Spanish alfajores in that they are made with two round cookies with different sweet fillings between them. The filling is usually dulce de leche, although there are a lot of variations. They can be covered with powder sugar (the traditional ones), glazed sugar (Santafesinos or "de nieve"), grated coconut or chocolate. Argentina is today the world's largest consumer of alfajores, both in total numbers and in per capita calculations, being the most common snack for school children and adults. Alfajores are also very popular in Peru, especially the artisanal types. (Source: Wikipedia)

Gennaro's Alfajores are based on a traditional family recipe which is handmade using only the highest quality natural ingredients, with no added preservatives. While sizes and shapes of Alfajores vary from region to region around the world, most being a little larger, we produce Gennaro's Alfajores according to a strict size measurement to fit our custom trays and packaging, with a net weight of approximately 28 grams, half of which is comprised of luscious dulce de leche. We believe in the right proportions of wafer to caramel to deliver a taste and texture combination that is absolutely perfect, and leaves you craving more. Our cookies are moist, yet crumbly, almost cake-like, uniquely flavoured with pure vanilla bean, fresh lemon zest and fine cognac - our holy trinity of flavours, creating the perfect compliment to the rich, velvety, smooth dulce de leche which unifies them into one delectably lavish melt-in-your-mouth dessert. There's really nothing quite like Gennaro's Alfajores. One bite and you'll be craving to have another! Taste Love at first bite!

Not quite. Gennaro’s Alfajores are rolled in shredded coconut and are made in a facility that may have trace nuts or other nut-based ingredients.

No. Gennaro’s Alfajores contain pastry flour which contains gluten. We are working on a gluten-free recipe for all to enjoy our delicious cookie.

No. Gennaro’s Alfajores contain butter and eggs and are not completely vegan but we are working on alternative recipes to please every palette. Subscribe to alerts to be notified when we introduce new flavours for you to enjoy.

Gennaro's Alfajores contain butter and dulce de leche which is made using milk and therefore contains lactose. We are working on developing a lactose-free version of our delicious filling and substitutes for butter in our dough. Subscribe to our alerts to be notified when we introduce new flavours for you to enjoy.

Gennaro’s Alfajores contain shredded coconut, butter, milk, egg yolks, corn starch and wheat. If you have a sensitivity to any of these ingredients then you may not be able to enjoy our products to the fullest.

We are actively working on creating a completely vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free version of our famous Alfajores for everyone to enjoy. Subscribe to alerts to be notified when these products become available in your area.

Gennaro’s Alfajores are unlike any other Alfajor cookie you may have tried. They are light and crumbly, moist and rich, and completely dissolve in your mouth, leaving a sweet and luscious after taste beckoning you to have another. Based on my family's traditional recipe originating from Argentina, our cookies use only the finest natural ingredients including egg yolks, unsalted butter, corn starch, baking powder, powdered sugar, kosher salt, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean paste, lemon zest, cognac and aromatic flavours. We bind two cookies together with a generous amount of the finest dulce de leche, then roll the delicate combination in finely shredded coconut. The result is pure heaven and love at first bite. Once you’ve tried Gennaro’s Alfajores, no other cookie compares, and you’ll be ordering them time and again for your own indulgence or to share with those you love, whatever the occasion.

From Argentina to Venezuela dulce de leche (pronounced dool-si-de-lech-eh) has been enjoyed for centuries and is only the best milk-based caramel filling on the planet! The term translates from Spanish as 'candy of milk', and it’s what happens when you simmer milk, sugar and vanilla beans for a few hours, patiently stirring and folding the mixture until the perfect colour and texture is achieved, not too thick, and not too brown - just perfect! It's caused by the Maillard reaction, which naturally browns sugar proteins when they're slowly heated. But honestly it’s one of nature’s greatest pleasures and such a perfect pairing with our delicious Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean cookies that together make up Gennaro's Alfajores.

Throughout history several versions of 'arequipe' have been made using readily available milk from herds of sheep, goats and also cattle. In Mexico a variation is produced which is lighter in colour and slightly thinner consistency, and referred to as Manjar Blanco. It other regions where predominantly goat’s milk is used, the recipe developed into a richer, more flavourful variety which is also lactose free, known as Cajeta.

Afajores have been enjoyed in Spain, and all over South America for centuries, with each region creating its own unique formulation using local ingredients. They’re all uniquely delicious.

Gennaro’s Alfajores have been perfected over time to bring you the best possible combination of ingredients, in the right proportions to maximize flavour, texture and enjoyment.

Alfajores can remain fresh for up to 21 days if stored in an air tight container at room temperature, and even longer if refrigerated although they do lose their moisture and tend to dry out with time and exposure to air. Alfajores can remain frozen for up to 6 months in an appropriate air tight container or vacuum sealed. Allow frozen Alfajores to thaw completely at room temperature for 4 hours before serving. Pair with your favourite hot chocolate or espresso beverage or any fine liquor. 

Ordering Our Products

Our online store is designed to make it easy for all of our customers to order the products they crave, packed in convenient sizes to suit any occasion, and choose from various delivery options. Simply register to create an account and order Gennaro's Alfajores anytime you get the craving. We offer various forms of payment to accommodate you, including PayPal. Our products are made fresh daily and can be enjoyed for up to 21 days when stored in an air tight container at room temperature.

We bake our products daily. Our order cutoff for same day shipments in the GTA is noon each day. If you place an order before noon, you can select Same Day or Local Delivery (if available in your area) as your shipping option; it will automatically show up for your location. We will be rolling out Same Day shipping options in other neighbourhoods as soon as we can. Subscribe for alerts to be notified about special events, promotions and delivery services in your city.

Gennaro’s Alfajores are handmade according to an artisanal recipe, and we stay true to the original cookie format which has been popularized all over South America but most commonly found in Argentina. We are experimenting with new flavours, fillings, and combinations, and over time we will be introducing a variety of unique premium flavour combinations for everyone to enjoy. We pride ourselves on being able to offer premium packaging options and co-branding opportunities for our corporate customers, perfect for special events, and for wedding favors or displays. Please contact us to discuss customization of Gennaro’s products for your event. Please note that in addition to the product cost, a nominal design fee as well as additional printing charges apply for all customization orders. Please check out our Custom Embossed Alfajores product page for more details.


We know your special day needs to be perfect and there is no better way to delight your guests than serving them Gennaro’s Alfajores. Contact us well in advance of your event so we can work with you to create something extraordinary and unique, branded with your colour theme and special messaging. We take pride in ensuring everything looks perfect and your guests will be thoroughly delighted!

We also offer pop-up Alfajores stations for on-premise events, which can add a unique and exciting dimension to any event. Fresh and delicious Alfajores are filled and served to your guests on the spot and can be paired with a range of hot beverages or premium liquors to create the perfect experience.

We love to work with wedding and event planners, and offer special discounts to encourage working with us to promote Gennaro's products and on-premise solutions for live events. Complete our contact form to get things started. The future looks delicious!

It depends on the size of your order. We’ve created special party trays to serve up 36 Alfajores, perfect for sharing at your next celebration or get together. Our party trays are convenient for any food service or hospitality environment needing to serve large volumes, offering flexible storage and serving options while protecting the cookies and optimizing freshness until they are consumed. With a minimum order of 144 alfajores, we can offer a special discount directly to customers. Please contact us for details on special checkout codes you can use.

If you are a wholesale customer and would like to order our products for resale, we also offer several packaging formats and special discounts just for you and can arrange to schedule regular deliveries to your location on a weekly basis to meet your demand. Contact us to create a Wholesale Account, discuss your volume requirements and we will create a solution tailored to fit your unique needs.

Gennaro’s loves to support organizations with a cause and especially love to support local artists. If you are a school, association, non-profit organization, or work with local artists and musicians, contact us to discuss your fundraising goals and we will structure a program to provide maximum support for your cause.


Each year on September 19, in honour of the feast of Saint Gennaro, Gennaro's donates $1 from each Alfajor sold online through our website or at select pop-up events held that day, to a variety of special causes that aim to abolish hunger, homelessness and provide help to communities in need worldwide. We're helping your cause one Alfajor at a time!


Shipping and Delivery

Yes there is. We offer complete fulfillment and shipping of our products worldwide whether you order one box or one trailer load of Gennaro's products. Depending on your location, we offer various delivery options, from same day in the GTA, to next day in Dubai. If you crave Gennaro’s Alfajores, we can deliver them to you anywhere in the world! Local delivery rates apply. Same Day delivery is available in select zones restricted to a 15km radius from our commercial bakery or partner distribution points which are currently located in Vaughan and Leaside. Qualifying orders placed before noon each day are processed and delivered before end of day by 9 pm. Orders placed and paid after noon DO NOT QUALIFY for Same Day delivery and will be scheduled for Next Day delivery by end of day by 9 pm. Please do your best to place your orders early to ensure timely delivery. We do offer certain perks in select neighbourhoods which automatically appear in your checkout delivery options if your order qualifies, which may include the following:

* Spend $50 get FREE local delivery in Vaughan

* Spend $100 get $15 local delivery in GTA

* Spend $250 get FREE local delivery in GTA

* Same Day Delivery Regular Rate in qualifying local areas is $25

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If you can receive mail, you can receive Gennaro’s Alfajores. We like to say we ship worldwide, but getting to the top of Mount Everest might take a while, so we’ll wait until you get back to base camp.

Unfortunately we DO NOT accept returns due to the nature of food products and ensuring consumer safety. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products or if your order was damaged in any way, please contact our customer service department and we will find a resolution to make you happy.

We require someone to be present and accept all deliveries as we do not leave packages unattended. If for some reason your order did not arrive as expected or has gone missing, please contact our customer service team. We will do our best to investigate the claim with the courier company used in order to understand what happened and if warranted, we will send out a replacement order as soon as possible. We know how much you love Gennaro’s Alfajores and we will do our best to ensure all orders are delivered undamaged and on time, wherever you are located in the world.

Gennaro’s produces its products to the highest quality standards. Our alfajores are handmade and packaged in shock-proof clear protective trays and sealed to protect them during transport and preserve their freshness until they are enjoyed. Since we deliver our products worldwide, we take great care in trying to protect each package and each cookie during its journey to its final destination. We do this for all of our pack sizes including 2-pack, 3-pack, 7-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack and 36-pack trays. If you require alternative bulk packaging or would like to discuss a private label opportunity to customize Gennaro’s Alfajores for your needs, please get in touch with us. We’d love to work with you.

We currently do not offer pick up of our products at our wholesale commercial bakery. However we have partnered with many local retail bakeries, cafes, restaurants, boutique grocery and retail stores, as well as event venues, where you will be able to sample and purchase our products. Please visit our Partners page to find a partner location nearest you. If you can’t find a local shop to buy our products, you can order online anytime to have them delivered anywhere in the world.

Resellers and Partnerships

Yes we do. If you are in the food service and hospitality industry we have special programs and discounts designed especially for volume orders. Get in touch with us to request setting up your wholesale account. Once your account has been approved, simply login to our store to place your orders for any master cartons or more, apply your wholesale discount code and we’ll deliver anywhere in the world. Our discount codes are based on volume and automatically calculated at checkout.

The following is required to qualify as a reseller of our products:

* You must have a registered company along with a Master Business License and valid Business Permit

* Provide an HST number

* Have a physical retail establishment in an affluent neighbourhood, or kiosk in a retail plaza or shopping mall

* Agree to our resale terms and conditions (to be provided upon sign-up)

* Agree to our minimum order volumes, delivery and payment terms

* Actively and visibly promote Gennaro's branded products in your location as well as online through your website and social media channels.

* Participate in at least one monthly collaboration to promote Gennaro’s products featuring a pop-up stand or similar promotion

Absolutely! Gennaro’s is a premium confection produced to the highest standards according to an artisanal handmade recipe. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and we package our products to exude a rich and luxurious feel. We love to spoil our customers, what can we say?

If you operate a retail bakery, cafe or restaurant with distinguished customers that appreciate the finer things in life and you want them to enjoy Gennaro’s products then get in touch with us to discuss resale opportunities. Whether you want to sell in an open display alongside other fine desserts you offer, or whether you want to take advantage of our premium pre-packaged formats, we make our products available at a discount and supply all of our products according to a minimum order quantity of 144 cookies which we call a Master Carton. Our goal is to supply our resale partners with fresh product each and every day. You simply order the quantity you require, select the desired delivery option and pay online using any major credit card, Apple Pay, Goole Pay, Shop Pay or your PayPal account. We also offer the ability to pay via INTERAC or Email Money Transfer. Unfortunately we DO NOT OFFER Credit Terms and all orders must be PREPAID prior to production and delivery.

If you are an importer or regional distributor of gourmet food products and confections, and have access to multiple retail accounts or sales channels in the food service, hospitality, grocery and convenience segment, then please contact us to discuss volume pricing programs, refrigerated and frozen delivery options, and managing territories within our global markets. We also offer direct licensing of our products in select territories, as well as franchise opportunities for small artisanal bakeries who wish to bake our products on premise using our world famous dough and ducle de leche products. Please get in touch with us to discuss your plans.